Nokia New Years Eve

Project Summary

Company: Nokia

Project: Nokia New Year's Eve

Description: Nokia New Years Eve was an all flash web site that allowed users to access interact with Windows Live / Bing satellite maps to upload and share photos of their New Years Eve experience and associate that content with some geolocation.


The project was built in AS 2.0 and involved tight collaboration with .net services that exposed information about map locations and user image uploads as xml data. A clustering algorithm on the back end allowed us to present 'mega' pushpins where the pins would otherwise be too tightly concentrated, giving a more elegant, clean feel to the map data.

At the time the project was built no flash API existed for Windows Live / Bing maps. I reverse engineered the Windows Live / Bing maps JavaScript API relating to loading map tiles and Mercator projection. You can read about the map tile system here:

The site also featured integrated mobile phone downloads where users could enter their cell phone numbers and get ring tones and background images.

The project had a fixed deadline with little room to move on features. To help produce the site on time, I hired and managed a team of flash developers. The site was divided up into modules to allow different developers to handle separate tasks more easily.

This was a very successful project for Microsoft and helped pave the way for more Branded Entertainment projects.

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