Coke Design Talk

Project Summary

Company: Coca Cola

Project: Coke Design Talk

Description: Windows Live Messenger game based on the Coke Beijing Olympics 'Design the world a Coke' campaign. Extensive use of Papervision to translate users’ input into bottle designs.


I lead a team of developers offshore and coordinated with onshore design to produce a Windows Live messenger game. I provided Papervision training and assistance to the offshore team when they got stuck. The 3D nature of the project made it difficult for design to easily demonstrate how the end project might look – to get client sign off. I produced a prototype of the game in Flex that allowed us to step through many design iterations before production started. We saved time this way and were able to deliver on time with no surprises for the client.


Home Screen
Home Screen
MSN Messenger in game View
MSN Messenger In Game View
Game Prototyping tool I created
Game Prototyping Tool I Created