About Me

An accomplished and detail-oriented senior front-end developer specializing in JavaScript. Extensive leadership experience in mentoring international development teams across US, Europe and Asia. Spearheaded multiple high profile award-winning web sites for Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon Wireless, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Visa. Demonstrated ability to translate and manage projects from concept to completion. Perennial student of the latest industry innovations and trends.

I have an excellent grasp of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 technologies on mobile, tablet and desktop. I'm comfortable working with both prototypal OOP patterns as well as classical OOP in JavaScript. I work with OOP best practice design patterns for better structured code that is easier to maintain and easier to modify and adapt to new functional requirements. I have worked on sites with views that adapted to the device based on media queries - Responsive Web Design. I currently work on vzw.com which has both responsive and adaptive site designs in production.

I've performed testing using Selenium Webdriver with Java/Ruby. I've used Dojo's DOH Robot to perform UI unit testing, particularly for testing UI components because of its unique ability to generate non-sandboxed, realistic user interactions. For example it can move the mouse from point A to point B and generate mouseover events. I also have some familiarity using Phantom JS headless browser to crawl sites and automate screenshots/scraping.

I'm well practiced with continuous integration build systems such as Apache ANT / Jenkins.

Wherever I go I see different flavors of Scrum/Agile development - I adapt and try to bring any positive learning I have gained from previous projects. Agile methodology has some shortcomings in the context of teams separated by different time zones and for short turnaround projects typically found in the web marketing industry. The daily standups and feature analysis however do help keep everyone abreast of the project progress and give a better understanding of the project timelines and projections. Nobody seems to be able to keep a daily standup to 15 minutes...

The sites and apps I produced while working at Samsung and Microsoft were almost all internationalized, meaning the sites were run in more than one language. I've built sites for a wide variety of European markets and various Asian markets including Chinese and Japanese.

I've worked with a variety of source control tools including GIT/msysGit, Accurev, Bazaar and others. I work with Git from the command line or with Magit in Emacs.

Whenever I see repetitive work in my day to day work, I try to automate it. My automation tools are Emacs, Windows Script Host, batch files, imagemagick, python, Node.js.

I like 3D modeling software and renderers.

Bulb and Butterfly modeled in 3dsMAX and rendered in Mental Ray
Bulb and Butterfly modeled in 3ds Max and rendered in Mental Ray