Contributing to Open Source


Give back and feel proud.

Contributing to Open Source

I decided to take note of my contributions. I feel a sense of pride that I helped out and this is reminder to myself that there's always room to give something back even it is is a small contribution. The small contributions add up over time. I wish I had more time to do so.

I happened to notice an obscure issue causing ag to fail on windows in the Emacs shell.

The excellent web-mode, which handles jsp so well, had a small issue with JSP comments. This is the first time I reached out to an open source maintainer. I was really hoping I could figure out the answer on my own, but after a few hours hacking away at it, I felt it was better to hand it over to the expert. I learned something about package development in the process and how to interact with open source projects.


ag is text search tool similar to grep with an emphasis on speed. In my work, a lot of my time is spent examining large code bases and its necessary to find strings fast. I have recently swapped ag for ripgrep.

jsp is both a thing of beauty and an abomination. Beautiful in that developers can intermingle html, javascript, expression language, java snippets (dangerous) and it all works. Abomination in that the files quickly become hard to follow and hard to maintain. The modern paradigm to render code on the client with data provided by micro services is somewhat preferable.